Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Review 2008 & 2009 Resolution

Chewah..mcm nak buat dasar baru ja...

I know all of you are counting the days for new year 2009. 2008 akan bakal meninggalkan kita dgn kenangan & pengalaman yang bermakna bg kita mengorak langkah tuk tahun berikutnya. Kitaorg-Iswatie & co, byk benda yang berlaku sepanjang tahun 2008 esp aku.

sebelum aku reveal aku yer 2009 resolution, meh tgk apa yg berlaku pada resolusi 2008 aku yg aku plan pada hujung tahun 2007 spt dlm aku yer FP.

January - I'm still tight with full working schedule where i still need to work on weekend ---> yup im still working at my old company.Mr. Hubby got P.

February - Perhaps, my working project already finish this months. We plan to to kenduri akikah for Ichlas & doa selamat to my parent. 24th Feb is daddy's birthday. ---> alhamdulillah we managed tumbangkan sekor lembu kat Penang tuk kdr aqiqah Ichlas plus kdr kesyukuran sempena parent aku balik dr Mekah.

Mac - any ideas??? ---> Awesome trip with Nina & co to Fraser's Hill. Pics at my FP

April -Plan to renovate our current house- Its depend on fulusmania $$$ ---> x renovate apapun..just do some deco ja coz we decided to do saving for to buy our dreamhouse. But we managed to bought our dream camera.

May - any ideas??? ----> Yes another awesome trip to langkawi with my family. Pics at my FP

Jun - Nak gi langkawi lah..Daddy beli ticket yer!!! ---> hahaha..dah advanced gi trip on May

July - any ideas??? ---> im resigned..hahaha..x ada dlm plan but puas hati! Merasalah jd housewife 1 month.

August - dok diam-diam coz both our car roadtax habis.... ----> i got new job offer. Better remuneration & package.

September - any ideas??? --->Bulan posa

October - Hari raya puasa...will get duit raya from my Office. 18th Oct is my birthday. ----> Raya kat Penang. No duit raya from old office coz dah tukar kerja daaa

November - Birthday Ichlas ( 26th Nov) & Our anniversay (27th Nov). Just a small celebration between family members n close friends. --->Buat jugak besday party tuk Ichlas.

December -Plan to go to somewhere!!!!!. ---> Actually plan nak gi Pangkor but last2 balik bervacation kat Penang n managed to go to The Carnival, Sungai Petani.

Based on the review, boleh dikatakan 60% follow what i planned. Byk juga yg unexpected berlaku in 2008 kan.

So 2009 yer resolution lagik byk la aku plan but i hope i can achieved it. But the 2009 will covers the main areas: My & Mr Hubby's Career, House & Kids Education . nak details yer..TUNGUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!


  1. wah, tahniahlah watie!! byk gak achivement ko!!

  2. Sy ade idea utk Mac.. besday party utk Ayu heheheheheh


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