Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sapa nak tolong?

Kenapa my blog nih mcm hidup x mo mati pun segan??

sebab nasib la ko blog....owner mabuk ko lah jadik mangsa.

YES....paling allergic tgk blog sdr.....x suker.......paling pantang bila scroll up n scroll down.. trus kepala pusing n trus rasa nak muntah.

Jadik ada sapa yg rajin...or yg tengah bosan tahap gaban????

yg rajin nak ubah my blog tuh .....ala transform with new look?

kalu me at or just drop ur comment...

upah.... kasik pinjam bb baru nanti satu mlm..hahaha.....jgn harap la...

nanti sy pk la apa hadiah yer coz dah lama x lakukan xtvt tabur zakat....hadiah besday anak org pun byk dok q tuh...silap mak dia pun dah beranak baru..opssssss

Friday, April 9, 2010

9w4d of pregnancy

Today my pregnancy is 11weeks and 4days. Still having my morning sickness but alhamdulillah kalu pagi tuh dah ok sikit. Just cepat2 kena take my breakfast. The sickness started time after lunch. So balik umah.....terjun atas katil ja lah.
Selera....setakat nih kuatkan semangat makan even tekak nih x ada selera. Muntah pk belakang janji perut x kosong even im lost 5kg during my last checkup. =P
Last week Iswatie & Co spend our whole week at hospital due to Mr Hubby & kids warded, jadi trus g my monthly checkup with Dr Siti. That time my pregnancy is 9weeks. The baby is 25.9mm and alhamdulillah dah ada heartbeats. Kids very excited sampai berebut printed bb scan pic. Yg lawak Mr Hubby dah tanya gender. Tergelak Dr Siti. aiyaaa...dah nak masuk 3rd pun Mr Hubby still nervous.
Insyallah EDD is 24/10/2010. Please bb jgn pilih date 18/10/2010 tuk keluar. Mummy x mo share hadiah birthday..boleh gitew? ( Ichlas keluar a day before our wedding anniversary)
Happy sgt coz my mum akan datang esok. Plus esok kids ada apppointment with their paed to see their progress after warded hr tuh. Anyway Mr Hubby n kids dah sihat. Cuma kids still dok umah n x g school lagik. But homework still kena buat. Reading is a MUST every night.
Anyway..Happy Weekend!
** Thank you for all ur supports n doa. Honestly aku x mengada2 with my the-whole-day-sickness but hakikat yer......aku mmg sickness truk esp kalu pregnantkan anak pompuan. Coz myself had my whole-day-sickness but time nak bersalin amatlah senang. So...sapa2 yg x rasa morning sickness bersyukurlah coz x yah nak hadap mangkuk toilet selalu.but maybe korang kena mengadap sakit bersalin yg truk...???? renung-renungkan....x yah menyampah.....hiksssss

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Morning sickness as a defense mechanism

The article that can motivate me. *Perhaps*

Morning sickness is currently understood as an evolved trait that
protects the fetus against toxins ingested by the mother.[6] Many
plants contain chemical toxins that serve as a deterrent to being eaten. Adult
humans, like other animals, have defenses against plant toxins, including
extensive arrays of detoxification enzymes manufactured by the liver and the surface tissues of various other organs. In the fetus, these defenses are not yet fully
developed, and even small doses of plant toxins that have negligible effects on
the adult can be harmful or lethal to the embryo.

Pregnancy sickness causes women to experience nausea when exposed to the smell
or taste of foods that are likely to contain toxins injurious to the fetus, even
though they may be harmless to her.

There is considerable evidence in support of this theory, including:
Morning sickness is very common among pregnant women, which argues in favor of it being a functional adaptation and against the idea that it is a pathology.
Fetal vulnerability to toxins peaks at around 3 months, which is also the time of peak
susceptibility to morning sickness.
There is a good correlation between toxin concentrations in foods, and the tastes and odors that cause revulsion. Women who have no morning sickness are more likely to miscarry or to bear children with birth defects.

In addition to protecting the fetus, morning sickness may also protect the mother.
Pregnant women's immune systems are suppressed during pregnancy, presumably to reduce the chances of rejecting tissues of their own offspring.Because
of this, animal products containing parasites and harmful bacteria
can be especially dangerous to pregnant women. There is evidence that morning
sickness is often triggered by animal products including meat and fish.
If morning sickness is a defense mechanism against the ingestion of toxins, the
prescribing of anti-nausea medication to pregnant women may have the undesired side effect of causing birth defects or miscarriages by encouraging harmful
dietary choices.

On the other hand, many domestic vegetables have been purposely bred to have lower levels of toxins than in the distant past, and so the level of threat to the embryo may not be as high as it was when the defense mechanism first evolved.

source frm here:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sorry girls coz tiap kali buka my blog x ada update..

Honestly, my health condition and my mood still DOWN. Tambah2 last week Mr Hubby n kids is warded due to high fever.....

Doakan yer me n family semua sihat walafiat n back as usual.

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