Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - 2010 & Gerhana Bulan

Hi uols..... only left then 12 hours we will leaving 2009 and we will entering year 2010. I believe 2009 left us with 1001 memories. N i wish 2010 will promising us with 1001 of happiness. Lagi ramai dah up 2010 yer resolution kan....Good Luck uols.

With ur plan this night? dok rumah? gi tgk fireworks? apa2 pun plan korang.....jgn lupa yer...

Gerhana Bulan Separa will be happen in Malaysia tgh mlm( 1st Jan 2010) nih starting1.17 am to 5.28 am.

Since new year day is on Friday just another long weekend we will had.. What ur plan? us will be attending Nuffnung Friso Gold at Kizsport OU this coming Saturday n attending 2 birthday parties.

So....sapa yg dah buat entry pasai Nuffnang Friso tuh...have u invited? jumpa kat sana yer..coz semestinya i shy2 cat coz yg pegi byk yg glamer2 yer blogger...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Last week in my entry i've mentioned to go to shopping malls for christmas decoration hunting. But on christmas day the traffic is very bad plus bersepah org kat malls. On Christmas day, Mr Hubby have to go his office. So we go with different cars. I drove myself frm Banting with the kids. Slmt kids x mengaruk coz dah lama i didnt drive alone with my kids.phewwwwwwwwwwwwww

To find parking at OU is another disaster. Thanks to OneCard since all indoor parking on that day is for OneCard holder. Dapat la masuk indoor parking kalu idak mau mak patah balik ke Banting. Dok umah diam2.

Sampai2 OU Mr Hubby dah tunggu. he bought movie tickets - The Princess & The Frog. Then we had our lunch at TGI Friday. This year OU nyer theme is A White Lyrical Christmas. X dapat nak ambik gambar dekat2/depan coz time tuh ada performance. punya ramai crowd. dah dok blkg sgt dah kami.

We spent the whole at OU then trus balik rumah.

Next day on saturday, We go to Mutiara Damansara. my fav place at all coz i can go to Ikea, Ikano, The Curve, Cineleisure and Tesco.:P
Ikea kali nih tgk cyk Red/White decoration. Ikano lak ada Bubbly christmas but x ambik pun gamba coz Ichlas sibuk dok mkn ice cream Ikea. Byk la ikan2, We moved to The Curve. The curve yer theme kali nih Bedazzled Christmas.

nih anak dara jd flower girl kat Ikea.

Trus singgah Tesco coz we park our car at Tesco.harus la beli brg2 sikit coz nak dapat parking free.kalu idak byr la parking rm10. Balik rumah seang hati sekurangnya dpt lawat byk malls.

At Midvalley also we took the pictures before christmas but tak ingat mana lak save gambo tuh. Just missed out gi KLCC and Pavillion.

Iswatie's 2009 resolution's achievement

Only left 2 days to enter 2010. how your life in 2009? As Iswatie, we are done great. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah SWT. I believe all of you always saw at left side my blog there are 1 section to keep tracking of our planning for 2009. So sorry i didnt update it due to many factors esp i didnt have any stable internet connection during early months when we moved to Banting.

However, before i reveal of Iswatie's planning for 2010, lets see our achievement for 2009 as we planned. I copy & paste back frm 2009's resolution entry,

1. Alhamdulillah i got govt offer n now i am as govt staff. Even the salary quit low frm my last happy now

2. Mr Hubby got promotion.

3. Potty training Ichlas this end of the year ---> DONE. Well Done Ichlas!

4. No 'BOTOL' for Hani end this year ----> DONE. Not only Hani but Ichlas too.

Plus ada jugak perkara yg we didnt plan it but its happen.

1. We moved to Banting. cant believe we moved out frm our home sweet home. now we rent to other people. Luckily we know them Didie ...take care our house yer

2. We've to stopped Hani frm school due to her health

3. We took a maid.

However ada a few things yg still need to continue in 2010. I'll put in our 2010 planning later.

How's ur?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Smart Readers Banting

Finally, lps pikir2 with Mr Hubby ...last week we've registered our kids to Smart Readers Banting. Why SR? coz SR offered Mandarin, Iqra and cooking class with another major subjects with R240 per month. Perasan kan diaorg ada cooking class...jadi "Hani lps nih leh buat kek kat mummy yer"...
Kalu Q-dees lagi byk kena byr plus they didnt offer Iqra' class. Nak harap mummy dia yg ajarkan...mati la nak kena ikut mood mummy diaorg nih...

Anyway..if i asked Hani which school she want to go...She insist to go to Q-dees. Anyway she can accept that her parent sent her to SR.
Last weekend lak gi collect their uniforms, school bags, shoes n socks. senang x yah nak beli apa dah.....cuma bekas air ja kena beli. Lain kali SR jgn lupa bg tumbler sekali..senang citer... :P

Big challenge to us how to wake kids up early in the morning? since my kids nih tido skit punya lewat jadi bila morning jgn harap la nak bgn awai especially anak dara sorang tuh.. Jenuh la diaorg berperang ngan bibik nak kasik bg mandi n siapkan dioarg. Anyway, i will send and pick them to/frm school.

Then ....big task for me to monitor them in the night for their revision/reading. Coz for me kalu hantar anak2 pi sekolah paling baguih pun..kalu kat rumah kita x monitor...susah jugak...

Jadi anak2 ....dah mummy hantar gi sekolah tuh..jgn la main2 yer...pandai2 lah bwk diri n belajar kalu idak mummy babap montot korang tuh...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking for BEST Hospital, Doctor & Paed

These 4 days, i'll conducting networking course for all IT's lecturers at my college. Bukan i yg ajar pun..i manage ja....heheheheheh
But bukan yg tuh nak citer..ut i really need uols yer helps...
mcm nih citer yer...
Currently, Mr Hubby give me one assignment to choose The BEST Hospital, Doctor & paed for our family. Senang nak cr under one roof.
During the time we stayed at Prima Damansara, berselerak kami yer medical records, Kids at Klinik Adek, S9, Shah Alam with Dr Amdan, while me Dr Normah at Damansara Damai . Official hospital lak Hospital Selayang.
since dah moved kat Banting, nak cr hospital, doctor & paed yg nearby ckit la.. Tambah2 Dr Hamdan kat klinik Adek is available on weekdays ja.. Dr Normah pun sama mcm tuh.
Jadi....for next year... senang nak put in one place..senang anak2 nak pi jumpa paed, senang daddy nak jumpa doctor, senang mummy diaorg nak jumpa gynae (opssss...) :P
I was thinking KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital. However im prefered DSH but Mr Hubby rejected coz too far frm Banting.
so....sapa2 boleh bg ur recommendation or can suggest another hospital, paed or gynae based ur experience?
I really appreciated for uols feedbacks! Thanks

Sunday, December 27, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

MR hubby is frm Sarawak. During at university, he will use Malaysia Airlines tuk balik kampung during semester break. Thanks to Shell as his scholar who sponsor the MAS tickets for him.
Since im married with Sarawakian, off course wajib la balik ke Sarawak. At least setahun sekali. With 2 babies before this definitely we prefer ed to use Malaysia Airlines. The MH services is superb where they give priority to us who travel with 2 babies on that time. From bassinest, pillow, blanket and foods for baby. And we do loved their foods. Sedap..siap tapau lagik. Definitely the crews layan ja requeest kami..hik hik...

Normally we will surf the MH website to get the best deals & offer. Then we do our online booking or phone reservation.

But now Malaysia Airlines offer the new service where you can surf, book, buy n fly frm anywhere and anytime through Just you need your Handphone with internet connection to get the best Malaysian Hospitality. The best thing is you no need to download the application. just type thru your phone browser.

I already tried using the through my E71 early this week. The page is super duper too easy to access. Direct to the point at all where the main page offered the menu:
1) Book Flight
2) My Booking
3) Check In
4) Flight Status
6) Contacts
7)Baggage Tracer
8) Deals and Offers

Normally, we always rushing to go to airport for check in everytime we will travel. But now our hectic is over when we can Check In frm home with one click only. Then we can direct board our flight using the boarding pass on our phone mobile.
Very easy right? as 1, 2 , 3.

Jadik, those who never try this new feature, why not you try it now and purchase the tickets. Mana tau kot luck korang kan.. dapat iPhone 3G.

If you want more information about this new also can refer to their FAQ.

and for us definitely will be our fav page to book, purchase, check in n fly to Sarawak or to our dream vacation place. Coz now we're trying our lucks to get the free tickets to Sydney..Perhaps! Or at least dpt balik kampung MR Hubby at Sarawak for next yer punya Raya.

Why not you try you luck pulak by blog about – as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru ~ Nora & Afiq

Alhamdulillah...on 18th Dec 09, my lovely youngest sister- Nora dah slmt jadi bini org.. Her husband is her poli-mate. Kira bercinta time bljr & Mr Hubby pun bjumpa time belajaq dulu... Nak tau tak? ayah kitaorg pesan..kalu masuk U tuh sambil bljr ..trus cr calon suami..kekekekekekek (just kidding :P)

Jadik berkampung la kitaorg kat umah parent kat balik Pulau for her wedding preparation. Nothing much i help since my sister dah buat preparation awai2 lagi. cuma ada tolong touch up dia yer hantaran ja. lg pun kalu bab makan ambik catering. But ada juga masak sdr coz kdr Nora kali nih buat 2 version- nasi minyak & masakan kampung.

ok lah..layan ja lah gambar2 time akad nikah nih.gambar yg dah tunggang terbalik x ikut jln cerita...

last but not least...frm my touch..:P

Friday, December 25, 2009

Jingle Bells day nih hari Jumaat la...hari nih hari Christmas la...Eh yg best yer...

...hari nih cuti la.....yahooo...another looooong weekend....

Last night im down with bad fu & my body is aching...trus lps maghrib mak pengsan after overdose with ubat. Mr Hubby balik pun ..i sedar x sedar...yg pasti dia layan kids n suap diaorg dinner..( my kids is prefer kalu kitaorg ada kat rumah kitaorg layan diaorg. time tuh diaorg dah reject 'kakak')

pagi td buka periuk...habis licin foods yg i masak semlm. Petang semlm, dlm flu tu pun managed to cooked Kerang rebus with cili kicap perah limau, ikan belah blkg sambal, anak ikan bawal goreng rangup. My maid add udang masak sos.

Mesti uols dah ada plan kan to utilized 3 days holiday nih? us..blum ada apa2 lagi..pelik kan...we didnt plan anythings for 3 days holiday nih

But td pg dlm kul 6 Mr Hubby said he need to go to his office for bla bla bla bla...But he do offer us to go to OU. sat gi kul 10 pagi mcm tuh br bertolak kat OU n jumpa hubby kat sana....Definetely we have to keep our promised to bring kids to watch movie " The princess & the frog".

Perhaps lps tuh dapat gi KLCC ka..coz tetiba rasa nak buat misi Christmas tree hunting. :P

FootNote: We didnt celebrate Christmas but we do love Christmas decoration & its surrounding

Happy 4th Birthday Nur Iswahani Izzati

Sorry my dear Hani for the late dedication entry...However we know that u is happy during ur birthday last Friday..

My sweetie pie daughter is 4 years old last Friday..or to be exact on 19th Dec 2009.

She is the sister but people always said that Ichlas is the eldest brother. Nasib la nak ko yer muka awek muda like me. :P ( Owh...kalu i jln ngan adik i cakap i is adik while my adik is kakak)

She is the' manja' kakak. Always kene bully by Ichlas. She always mood swing .... ikut mood dia ja..kalu elok..elok..but kalu x elok...panggil dia pun buat x dgr jer...

What ever she is.....we always proud with her.. Our love always with u Hani
~ Mummy, Daddy & Ichlas ~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sememangnya tiada jodoh kami

Im totally sad starting the day i lost













my Return to Tiffany Heart Lock charm that i got for my birthday present last Oct.

Agak2 la sapa jumpa lock charm nih....Please Dunt forget

" Please return to Tiffany & Co".

BTW, its happen during my journey with family balik kampung Penang last week. In that morning, dapat melaram pakai gi opis before balik Penang. We do stop kat R&R Tapah for lunch. Time tuh my bibik kata dia ada nampak charm tuh tergantung lagik at my bracelet. Then kitaorg naik Feri...time tuh i dukung Ichlas... agak2 time tu lah tercicir since dah puas cari kat rumah my parent x rumah my parent, i trus buka my bracelet.

Mmg x ada jodoh tul coz dapat bergaya beb bulan ja..
Bak kata Mr Hubby ...nak buat mcm mana x ada jodoh..mmg bukan my rezeki..

** agak2 charm nih merajuk kot coz tuan dia dok cbuk nak tambah collection..


I know all govt staff familiar with this SKT n mesti semua dok pulun karang..
same with me today....baru kalut nak mengarang SKT..rugi la x citer our achievement throughout this year
Tetiba quote frm one of my friends....
"kalu kerja lain x hantar...x ada apa2..kena marah ja....but kalu SKT x hantar..gaji x naik nanti.."
plus...for me i'll make sure my SKT is excellent coz kalau murah rezeki nanti nak further study...
till then..have a nice weekend yer...hip hip hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Curious kids need to be tough inside

Both my kids..Hani & Ichlas was born as sensitive baby....Hani was diagnosed got eczema n allergic when she is 6 months while Ichlas confirm got the eczema n cow milk allergic start his was born. They only can drink HA milks n during breastfeed Ichlas..I also need to 'pantang' frm eating chicken, milk and egg. Until when they reached 1 year old they need to admitted in ward n monitored by doctor during their MMR jabs.
Since of their conditions, they're very sensitive kids n their antibody is very low. As mommy, i need to put xtra attention to them. I need to take care of the food they take, house hygiene, their hygiene also the most important thing is their milk.
Im the proud mommy who loved to cook the healthy food for my kids. Believed me that Ichlas is NEVER tried to instant cereal. He is the healthy boy who loved to eat what im cooked. His food is the healthy food where its consist vegetables, fruits and fish which rich of vitamins. Even his finger foods is frm carrot, potato, broccoli, apple and strawberries.
kids is always the kids..they curious every things around them.At my house, i will make sure my house is the clean place for them to explore. However i believed some germs also can help them to fight n develop their own immune system. That's why im no worries they explore all sections in our house. Besides, i always bring them to playground, make them sweat a lots.... bring them swimming...all those activities is helping my kids to stimulate the immune system.
However is my efforts is not enough. Since milk is their main supply everyday, i'll make sure the milk they take have all the nutrition in order to develop their immune system. Thanks to Nuffnang and Friso who hosted the Nuffang Friso Family Day Out last year where Hani won the Fri's hamper. She tried Friso n unbelievable the milk suit with her and shown that Hani's immune system is stronger than before. I confident Friso is the purely nutrition to help kids to fight all the germs, bacterias and viruses frm inside
And the happy part is Nuffnang Friso again is hosting in Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out at Kizsport & Gym OU. And they will be inviting 80 family to participate in this event. There will loads of fun for kids and for parent will can hear informative talk frm the expert and we can share our point of views with others parents to handle our kids.

so.......Mr Nuffnang Friso...Please count US!

Byk citer

Sorry girls...this blog 'berhabuk' balik since my last entry..bukan apa...there're so many things happened sampai x sempat nak write mood skrg is malaih nak menulis...lagi pun skrg nih mood hujung tahun...mood nak rileks ja...tambah2 skrg nih semester break...
byk sgt nak citer..dr my lovely sis yer wedding sampai la my anak yer 4th birthday...
apa2 pun tungguuuuuuuuuuuuuu coz mlm nih dok cr mood nak gi kerja esok..tambah2 Mr Hubby lak still cuti esok....harus liat la nak bgn tido..kekekekekeke

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The BEST ever COURSE i've attended..


Hi sorry keep you waiting for my new entry....mesti heran kan mana saya larik..hehehehehe...x ada cuti2 malaysia just my time is fully occupied attending 10days Baking cakes & Sponges course.
Hari tuh lps balik dr Raya Haji..Monday tuh trus busy full day jaga exam amali students. Tetiba boss nominate my name attend course baking nih. Im happy since mmg dah lama teringin nak class mcm nih. yg best its free coz nih course under Sistem Latihan Dual Negara organized by Ministry of Human Resourse. mesti heran kan since im the IT people but mcm mana aboleh gi baking course lak. Kat Kolej Komuniti nih special sikit coz its stressed on Life-Long Learning. Jadi it good for me also. Plus bos mmg tau i loved baking.

I've attended the course with other 3 friends at Malaysian Institute of Baking at PJ. dapat accomodation at Shah Village Hotel, PJ. Jadik berkampung lah kat sana.

What i've learned or 10days over there? The most important things i learnt is cake making method. Rupanya mcm2 method ada.
Meh tgk apa yg saya buat n apa yg saya bwk balik tiap2 hari.

Day 1
Banana Cake,Choc Hazelnut Cake,Butter Cake,Dundee Fruit Cake

Day 2

Emulsifier Sponge Cake,Choc Sponge Cake,Mixed Fruit Flan,Black Forest Cake

4 of us

Day 3

Moist Choc Chiffon, Almond Suji Cake, Orange Chiffon Cake, Choc Fudge Cake

Day 4

Madeira Cup Cake, Choc Chip & walnut Muffin, jack fruit muffin, wholemale walnut muffin

Day 5
Steamed brownie, Pan Cake, Financier, Mini Pineappple Upside Down Cake

Day 6

Baked Cheese Cake, Blueberry Cream Cheese cake, Digestive Biscuit

Day 7

Jaconde Sponge, Decorating paste, Tiramisu, Waffle

Day 8

Rich Choc Cake, Choc hazelnut Dome.

Day 9

Cake decoration Module

Day 10

Sugar Craft Module

ok dahh..puas hati tak? dgn ini saya declare diri saya x akan mkn kek selama sebulan...naik kembang tengkuk tgk kek....

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