Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Curious kids need to be tough inside

Both my kids..Hani & Ichlas was born as sensitive baby....Hani was diagnosed got eczema n allergic when she is 6 months while Ichlas confirm got the eczema n cow milk allergic start his was born. They only can drink HA milks n during breastfeed Ichlas..I also need to 'pantang' frm eating chicken, milk and egg. Until when they reached 1 year old they need to admitted in ward n monitored by doctor during their MMR jabs.
Since of their conditions, they're very sensitive kids n their antibody is very low. As mommy, i need to put xtra attention to them. I need to take care of the food they take, house hygiene, their hygiene also the most important thing is their milk.
Im the proud mommy who loved to cook the healthy food for my kids. Believed me that Ichlas is NEVER tried to instant cereal. He is the healthy boy who loved to eat what im cooked. His food is the healthy food where its consist vegetables, fruits and fish which rich of vitamins. Even his finger foods is frm carrot, potato, broccoli, apple and strawberries.
kids is always the kids..they curious every things around them.At my house, i will make sure my house is the clean place for them to explore. However i believed some germs also can help them to fight n develop their own immune system. That's why im no worries they explore all sections in our house. Besides, i always bring them to playground, make them sweat a lots.... bring them swimming...all those activities is helping my kids to stimulate the immune system.
However is my efforts is not enough. Since milk is their main supply everyday, i'll make sure the milk they take have all the nutrition in order to develop their immune system. Thanks to Nuffnang and Friso who hosted the Nuffang Friso Family Day Out last year where Hani won the Fri's hamper. She tried Friso n unbelievable the milk suit with her and shown that Hani's immune system is stronger than before. I confident Friso is the purely nutrition to help kids to fight all the germs, bacterias and viruses frm inside
And the happy part is Nuffnang Friso again is hosting in Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out at Kizsport & Gym OU. And they will be inviting 80 family to participate in this event. There will loads of fun for kids and for parent will can hear informative talk frm the expert and we can share our point of views with others parents to handle our kids.

so.......Mr Nuffnang Friso...Please count US!

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