Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - 2010 & Gerhana Bulan

Hi uols..... only left then 12 hours we will leaving 2009 and we will entering year 2010. I believe 2009 left us with 1001 memories. N i wish 2010 will promising us with 1001 of happiness. Lagi ramai dah up 2010 yer resolution kan....Good Luck uols.

With ur plan this night? dok rumah? gi tgk fireworks? apa2 pun plan korang.....jgn lupa yer...

Gerhana Bulan Separa will be happen in Malaysia tgh mlm( 1st Jan 2010) nih starting1.17 am to 5.28 am.

Since new year day is on Friday just another long weekend we will had.. What ur plan? us will be attending Nuffnung Friso Gold at Kizsport OU this coming Saturday n attending 2 birthday parties.

So....sapa yg dah buat entry pasai Nuffnang Friso tuh...have u invited? jumpa kat sana yer..coz semestinya i shy2 cat coz yg pegi byk yg glamer2 yer blogger...

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