Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Last week in my entry i've mentioned to go to shopping malls for christmas decoration hunting. But on christmas day the traffic is very bad plus bersepah org kat malls. On Christmas day, Mr Hubby have to go his office. So we go with different cars. I drove myself frm Banting with the kids. Slmt kids x mengaruk coz dah lama i didnt drive alone with my kids.phewwwwwwwwwwwwww

To find parking at OU is another disaster. Thanks to OneCard since all indoor parking on that day is for OneCard holder. Dapat la masuk indoor parking kalu idak mau mak patah balik ke Banting. Dok umah diam2.

Sampai2 OU Mr Hubby dah tunggu. he bought movie tickets - The Princess & The Frog. Then we had our lunch at TGI Friday. This year OU nyer theme is A White Lyrical Christmas. X dapat nak ambik gambar dekat2/depan coz time tuh ada performance. punya ramai crowd. dah dok blkg sgt dah kami.

We spent the whole at OU then trus balik rumah.

Next day on saturday, We go to Mutiara Damansara. my fav place at all coz i can go to Ikea, Ikano, The Curve, Cineleisure and Tesco.:P
Ikea kali nih tgk cyk Red/White decoration. Ikano lak ada Bubbly christmas but x ambik pun gamba coz Ichlas sibuk dok mkn ice cream Ikea. Byk la ikan2, We moved to The Curve. The curve yer theme kali nih Bedazzled Christmas.

nih anak dara jd flower girl kat Ikea.

Trus singgah Tesco coz we park our car at Tesco.harus la beli brg2 sikit coz nak dapat parking free.kalu idak byr la parking rm10. Balik rumah seang hati sekurangnya dpt lawat byk malls.

At Midvalley also we took the pictures before christmas but tak ingat mana lak save gambo tuh. Just missed out gi KLCC and Pavillion.

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  1. It will be great to watch White Christmas, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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