Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking for BEST Hospital, Doctor & Paed

These 4 days, i'll conducting networking course for all IT's lecturers at my college. Bukan i yg ajar pun..i manage ja....heheheheheh
But bukan yg tuh nak citer..ut i really need uols yer helps...
mcm nih citer yer...
Currently, Mr Hubby give me one assignment to choose The BEST Hospital, Doctor & paed for our family. Senang nak cr under one roof.
During the time we stayed at Prima Damansara, berselerak kami yer medical records, Kids at Klinik Adek, S9, Shah Alam with Dr Amdan, while me Dr Normah at Damansara Damai . Official hospital lak Hospital Selayang.
since dah moved kat Banting, nak cr hospital, doctor & paed yg nearby ckit la.. Tambah2 Dr Hamdan kat klinik Adek is available on weekdays ja.. Dr Normah pun sama mcm tuh.
Jadi....for next year... senang nak put in one place..senang anak2 nak pi jumpa paed, senang daddy nak jumpa doctor, senang mummy diaorg nak jumpa gynae (opssss...) :P
I was thinking KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital. However im prefered DSH but Mr Hubby rejected coz too far frm Banting.
so....sapa2 boleh bg ur recommendation or can suggest another hospital, paed or gynae based ur experience?
I really appreciated for uols feedbacks! Thanks


  1. SMC? Selangor medical center? still under KPJ.. so far, paed tuk aqeem Dr Yasmeen.. she is very nice lady.. lembut je.. suka lah.. lgpun masa aqeem admitted HFMD mmg everytime dia check even bukan shift dia pun , dia akan dtg tanye khabar.. sbb under dia agaknyer.. tp mmg suka..

    me? blm try situ lagi.. kalau dulu klinik panel je..

  2. RE:

    Liza- ahah SMC lah what i meant. ok....Dr Yasmeen yer......ok bubuh dlm list...tunggu respond org lain lak..

  3. san, ada good news ke???jgn lupa habaq no;-)


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