Sunday, December 27, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

MR hubby is frm Sarawak. During at university, he will use Malaysia Airlines tuk balik kampung during semester break. Thanks to Shell as his scholar who sponsor the MAS tickets for him.
Since im married with Sarawakian, off course wajib la balik ke Sarawak. At least setahun sekali. With 2 babies before this definitely we prefer ed to use Malaysia Airlines. The MH services is superb where they give priority to us who travel with 2 babies on that time. From bassinest, pillow, blanket and foods for baby. And we do loved their foods. Sedap..siap tapau lagik. Definitely the crews layan ja requeest kami..hik hik...

Normally we will surf the MH website to get the best deals & offer. Then we do our online booking or phone reservation.

But now Malaysia Airlines offer the new service where you can surf, book, buy n fly frm anywhere and anytime through Just you need your Handphone with internet connection to get the best Malaysian Hospitality. The best thing is you no need to download the application. just type thru your phone browser.

I already tried using the through my E71 early this week. The page is super duper too easy to access. Direct to the point at all where the main page offered the menu:
1) Book Flight
2) My Booking
3) Check In
4) Flight Status
6) Contacts
7)Baggage Tracer
8) Deals and Offers

Normally, we always rushing to go to airport for check in everytime we will travel. But now our hectic is over when we can Check In frm home with one click only. Then we can direct board our flight using the boarding pass on our phone mobile.
Very easy right? as 1, 2 , 3.

Jadik, those who never try this new feature, why not you try it now and purchase the tickets. Mana tau kot luck korang kan.. dapat iPhone 3G.

If you want more information about this new also can refer to their FAQ.

and for us definitely will be our fav page to book, purchase, check in n fly to Sarawak or to our dream vacation place. Coz now we're trying our lucks to get the free tickets to Sydney..Perhaps! Or at least dpt balik kampung MR Hubby at Sarawak for next yer punya Raya.

Why not you try you luck pulak by blog about – as Easy as 1, 2, 3.


  1. nice entry..hope u win!

    visit page sy jgak.hehe

    nuffnang clickers..

  2. RE:

    Hazwan- wish me LUCK!heheheheheh..ada rezeki dpt la gi...kalu idak rezeki u or org lain.Good Luck!


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