Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Iswatie's 2009 resolution's achievement

Only left 2 days to enter 2010. how your life in 2009? As Iswatie, we are done great. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah SWT. I believe all of you always saw at left side my blog there are 1 section to keep tracking of our planning for 2009. So sorry i didnt update it due to many factors esp i didnt have any stable internet connection during early months when we moved to Banting.

However, before i reveal of Iswatie's planning for 2010, lets see our achievement for 2009 as we planned. I copy & paste back frm 2009's resolution entry,

1. Alhamdulillah i got govt offer n now i am as govt staff. Even the salary quit low frm my last happy now

2. Mr Hubby got promotion.

3. Potty training Ichlas this end of the year ---> DONE. Well Done Ichlas!

4. No 'BOTOL' for Hani end this year ----> DONE. Not only Hani but Ichlas too.

Plus ada jugak perkara yg we didnt plan it but its happen.

1. We moved to Banting. cant believe we moved out frm our home sweet home. now we rent to other people. Luckily we know them Didie ...take care our house yer

2. We've to stopped Hani frm school due to her health

3. We took a maid.

However ada a few things yg still need to continue in 2010. I'll put in our 2010 planning later.

How's ur?


  1. tahniahnnyerr hubby tewww.. ahaks

  2. alhamdulillah... u get a great 2009... harap 2010 negara kita di jauhkan dari bencana...

  3. yes dear..your house still in a gud condition..i add on your future plan for 2010 ----> tambah adik for hani n ichlas ahahhaha

  4. RE:


    iena-aah mudahan jauh dr bencana

    Didie- ops.....insyallah kalu ad arezeki n kalu en iswandi kita jd CEO...hahahaha


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