Sunday, November 2, 2008

MPH Warehouse sale!!!

Last 2 weeks (Saturday-25/10/2008) we went to MPH distributor warehouse sale... I always look forward this warehouse coz currently im craving to read the books. Besides, i want to teach my kids to love with the books. So here my 1st step to introduce them with the books.

Hubby also supported me to 'serbu' this warehouse sale. We also went to MPH warehouse a few months back and i believed this warehouse is bring value to your money.
I aimed to the Sophie & Cecillia series and i managed to get it for RM 20 per books. Besides, i also bought Narnia series where its normal price is RM 79.90 but over there i managed to get only RM 15.00.
For my kids, i managed to bought several books but i faced difficulties to searching the best books for them since the books were located several location(not in specified area) but the result from this warehouse, im happy!!! yeay!!!


  1. waaahhh...watie....
    borong sakan nampak
    ko g warehouse sale kat ne???Ikano ke??? Padanla last weekend aku tgk ramai gilos org kat situ....

  2. RE:Ayien..nih MPH distributor warehouse sale kat PJ. mmg lg murah leh dapat.


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