Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out!

Guess what? Nuffnang is giving 2+2 free tickets to Disneyland Hong Kong. YES!. Its TRUE. Suddenly i remembered what happened to us last Monday night.

I and Mr. Hubby just have a talk abour Disneyland HK since my sweetie Hani suddendly last Monday requested to go to Disneyland. I and Mr Hubby like " What?". the word Disneyland come out from the little girl mouth aged 3 years. As you know, Hani is really love Disney Princess characters. Maybe the influence of Disney Channel, that why she get the word Disneyland. And i asked her back " Why you want to go to Disneyland?" and guess what she said; " I want to see princess".Huwaaaaaaa anak aku dah demand nak gi Disneyland la.

Aku pernah la berangan nak bwk my family ke Disneyland but aku faham with our situation where kitaorg x ada enough budget ke sana. Coz the cost mestilah tinggi with flight tickets, hotel, entry fees nak masuk Disneyland, foods, souvenirs n etc.

kalu korang perasan, kami selalu berempat even kemana2. This is i called as quality " family day" where even x gi tempat2 yg menarik but we still berempat n doing the things together.i never go to Tesco to buy our groceries w/out bringing my kids. I want them also to explore with the surrounding n learn to choose the quality things or healthy food.

Even at house, we always spent our time together. During weekdays, bila balik kerja, aku akan trus mandi, Hani & Ichlas always join. Aku jd instructor diaorg tuk gosok gigi n aku akan buli diaorg tuh scrub badan aku..hahahahahahah...Then we always have our dinner together. Then we will watch TV together before we went to bedroom.

Kalu on weekend lak, kalu x ada planning ke mana we will spend together kat rumah. Kitaorg akan sama2 do house chores, kami akan sama2 kemas toys yang disempahkan leh 2 budak kecik tuh sblm aku mop lantai.
me mopping lantai while my kids arah ja..

Weekend jugak is the time tuk aku memasak n baking with help from Mr. Hubby and lil' helper-Hani & Ichlas.
baking with Hani

Ichlas pun 'baking' kat bwh

Kalu ptg usually, kami akan gi swimming, Aku pegang Ichlas while Mr. Hubby pegang hani. Then kami main lawan kejar dlm pool. Mengekek gelak Hani & Ichlas.

Sometimes, we go to taman metropolitan kepong tuk berjogging or main kejar2 or layan Hani & Ichlas main kat playground.
our healthy & quality time

X pun gi visit tempat2 menarik sekitar KL. Watch midnight movie at cinema is out favourite activity where i introduced cinema to Hani after 1 year age n Ichlas on 6th months age.
We like to move it!

We also look forward for birthday party/gathering/potluck coz this is kind of family activities where we can meet with others families. Kitaorg pun rajin host mkn2 n potluck kat umah coz we also bukan hanging out berempat ja but making our relation close with other family.

PCM Gathering

Kalu tgk all activities that we done, aku mmg sentiasa makesure we spend our quality time together coz i know its important to my kids and also to me and Mr. Hubby. The reasons are:

1) I've been away from Mr. Hubby for 1 year after we married coz Mr. Hubby kerja kat Kl and aku kerja kat Penang. Im faced my morning sickness alone w/out Mr.Hubby. He just spend 4 days in 2 weeks with me.

2) After i delivered my sweetie Hani, trus mak pindah ke KL. But we shocked with the news that im pregnant again! In 3 months age hani dah dapat news dapat adik....With my morning sickness, i didnt spent my time with Hani. asyik melepek ja mak..Dah la Hani pulak rajin demam n in her 6 months old dah warded. poor my baby....Aku rasa bersalah sekejap.

After delivered Ichlas, aku rasa aku yer kasih sayang dah terbahagi 2 dah atr Hani & Ichlas but im wrong rupanyer aku bg playmate to Hani n we as Iswatie's family lagi meriah n ceria. That why we loved to be together everywhere and anything that we do coz with that our relationship are closed each other and i can feel our love is around us.

Thank you for Friso coz ada inisiatif tuk buat Friso Famliy day Out at KizSport. Great oppourtunity to us to do the activities together and hang around with the other families. We also have been there before this and we still spent our time together where 4 of us main slide. :-P
@ Kizsport OU

n puhlessssssssssssssssss Nuffnang & Friso, please include us to join ur event. Im sure 4 of us tak sabar2 nak gi. N Disneyland HK , if our rezeki, that best gift for Iswatie & Co. :-P

Iswatie & co


  1. wahhh ni betul2 nak gi le ni..hehehe...semoga berjaya

  2. good luck iswatie..semoga berjaya memenangi yer..sure hani n ichlas seronok kan?

  3. Re:

    Nina- Dah ada peluang. why not cubakan...mana tau rezeki.

    Fara- we really need only 4-of-us vacation.wish me luck!


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