Monday, November 24, 2008

How i want diet?

How i want to diet since i loved to cook?

I cooked bakso last Saturday.

n tonite, i've cooked Kerang Bakar(dlm oven), sambal kicap perah limau n sup siam ayam.

Huwaa...i loved what i cooked. Punah harapan nak diet.But i preferred to cook Malay Food coz i think its easy for me compared with western food. How about u?


  1. aku suka kalau org masakkan tOk aku hahahhahah

  2. wahhh...sedapnyer nampak ko masak! aku maleh nak masak, kalau org tak makan.hehe..btw, aku vote ke malay food!hehe

  3. itew yang payah ...sebab orang pecinta makanan cam kiter nih mmg payah nak diet huuuuuu

    tapi nko dah slim la watieeeeeeeee


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