Saturday, January 23, 2010

Family day office Mr Hubby

Last Saturday, we attended TMIS Family Day (my Hubby nyer office buat). sblm nih all company 's activities just for staf2 ja but kali nih to the whole family. Okla kan ada improvement for company to take care the staff and families.

They had a family day at Taman Rimba Tmn Tun. X sangka lak kat ctu ada taman rimba. oklah nice place but tak la sebesar Taman Metropolitan Selayang.

Mr hubby dpt 2 booth where 1 is his projet is Auction Booth while his department jual Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing.

Ada  a few activities such as telematch, colouring contest, and yg paling best is DUNK ZONE where all bosses dok kat atas pool n staf2 akan baling bola kena kat target. if kena automatically, 'mangsa' jatuh dlm pool. Mr Hubby pun jadi 'mangsa'.

me were given the honour la tuk dunk mr boss nih yer...

yes..PADA MUKA. i hate this boss yg asyik kerja ja.... :P

kids with their wet daddy

 kids also participated in colouring contest

They won 2nd ( Hani) & 3rd( Ichlas) prizes. The secret is only 5 Ichlas won with mummy help. opssssssssssssssssss

Kids also participaed in holla hop activity..x la menang but soo cute diaorg gelekkan pinggang n bontot.

Booth department Mr Hubby is very HOT since they sell Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing. X sampai t/hari dah sold out. siap waiting list lagik.

why awai2 dah sold out?

adakah krn.....

hot chicks?

tukang bakar?

or En Pijut punya aroma ket*ak?

then lets see auction booth Mr Hubby

macam2 also contribute bg brg for auction. shoes, blouse  n bla2 ada kat booth auction

mr hubby's group-Ultraman won the 2nd prize for telematch

Overall kids had FUN FUN FUN. N oklah coz sekurang yer me dpt get involved with mr hubby yer office activities. dapat la kenai2 "anak2 buah" Mr Hubby.

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  1. best2..yg paling best tu is kene terjun dlm time leh wat lagi laa...


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