Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whoopie Pies

Gosh....i try my best to update this blog everyday

Suppose it's shud be like that. **dah nama pun Iswatie's Colors ( or colours ek?) of life kena la bg byk "colors" dlm blog nih kan**

but some this week is not good week for me coz:

1) im trying to adjust my time with new class timetable and with students.

2) Kids is throwing their tantrum..ayooo kids with their own kepala keras...( eh ikut sapa nih?)

3) Yesterday, i tersadai kat tepi jln tgh2 atr my college with kids school due empty fuel tank.
Luckily ada neighbor yg baik hati gi pick up the kids n trus mai hantaq minyak.

However, my wish to eat whoopie pies comes true... I made the order frm KS and she delivered to Mr Hubby last Tuesday at Menara TM. Thanks to Mr Hubby's staff yg tolong ambikkan the box of whoopie pies tuh coz Mr Hubby stucked in the meeting.

ptg tuh panas bontot tunggu Mr Hubby sampai rumah. trus ngap once the box at my hand but rupayer Mr Hubby dah awai2 rasmi..hehehehehe

9pcs of whoopies. 3 ketoi dah x ader coz 1 dah kena ngap by Mr Hubby n lagik 2 ketoi upah kat staff Hubby with her wife yg sama boyot ngan mak yong sorang nih

terliur tak? kalu terliur siler la contact Puan KS.

You can email her at :



  1. apa rasanya whoopie pies ni watie? ada tengok kat blog sapatah baru ni dia order gak. huhu

  2. RE:

    Bai-rasa mcm mkn kek coklat gak la....but mini


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