Thursday, July 15, 2010

Add me in Facebook!

Hi girls,

Rasa mcm dah beberapa hari tak upkan the entry in my blog.

Actually byk nak citer but x tau nak start dr mana.

but x ada la citer bombastik mana but all about the kids.

However, recently i received many request frm FB to add as Friend


i really very carefull to accept the request


sometimes students pun byk request

but for me...

my rules i dont want my students as list of friends in my FB account..

habis kantoi Puan Morni yer bahasa, gambar n merapu...

but i welcome all blogger mommies to add me.

just i have 1 simple request is:

Please intro least ur blog address..

jadik senang la i recognize u all is blogger mommies.

Boleh la lps nih we share our thoughts, ideas n bla2 about kids n life.

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