Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I think it is not late to wish all mothers over the world,
to my mak & MIL
Since this week is 'study week' at my college, ada lah ckit masa nak ber'blogging'.
My mother's day celebration? Im expected Mr Hubby ingat2 lupa jer. Dah hampir merajuk dah coz kalu Mr. Hubby x ingat, so Hani & Ichlas pun x ingat Mother's Day.
Last Saturday, Mr Hubby with 2 kiddos dah basuh keter i kat porch umah. Then lps tuh diaorg gi keluar ke pekan Banting. Luckily, kat pekan Banting nih ada Secret Recipe. They bought me 1 whole Choc Fudge n we celebrate at home. On Sunday, kitaorg jenjln kat Alamanda n spent our time together play Bowling.
Tu ja nak citer. Entry nih x ada gambar coz tetiba gambo x ada dlm external hard disk.

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  1. Not sure if I've wished you ke tak.. but eppy mother's day Watie :)


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