Monday, June 28, 2010

Kids' School Holiday activity

Ingat tak this entry that what i've planned for kids during their School Holiday. At least i achieved what i've planned. phewwwwww.

- Finish their School Holiday homework

- Watch Shrek 3

--> DONE

- Balik kampung trip : Makan Durian

---> DONE

- Bring them to CraftZone

Replaced with Mandi mandi di Sg FRIM

-Bring them to Kizsport or Megakids

Replaced with Watch Toy Story 3

- Family Photography

- Kids hair cut

Mmmm...Not so bad. Lps nih boleh plan School Holiday hujung tahun lak..tambah time tuh rasa yer mummy pun br habis pantang. **Eh mummy yg lebih nampak**


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