Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Pinky!

Adoi.penat yer...just came back from OU & buka puasa with Nina & co.

Dlm sejarah hari nih 2 kali berulang to Klang Valley fr Banting. In the morning, keluar ngan Mr Hubby gi beli something in PINK! and balik rumah rehat keja angkut kids & helpers ke OU lak.

Final shopping 4 hari raya:

sikit ja shopping....x leh byk2 habiskan duit..kang lps raya xleh dah nak shopping.

BTW,i got something in PINK today.

Did you remember my entry before this how difficult i am to choose my own lappy. Its took a few months to buy it. and hari nih barulah my dream come true.

Jadik pagi2 lagik dah gi Digital Mall PJ 14. X kuaser nak gi low yat coz ramai org n parking mahai.

Initial plan nak gi rembat Acer Aspire but finally rembat Lenovo Ideapad S10 in PINK. :-P

but before decided to take Lenovo, im stucked whether to choose Sony VAIO mini which it is new arrival in the market. The price is RM1999.00 but sayang yer 1 year local warranty. But yg best yer....dia ada shocking pink .Being me yg nak something yg value for my many...trus decided to choose Lenevo Ideapad.

why i choose lenovo Ideapad:

- Price is a way cheaper frm VAIO
- 2 years warrantry -1st year internatioal & 2 nd year is Local
- Got 1 button for recovery system
- Using Dolby Technology for sound
- Got PINK color.

okkan my new PINKY? kan ? kan?


  1. waaa...mmg pinky laa...hehehhe...akhirnye beli jugak ek...

  2. hihi lah beli kt digital mall...jer...lawOOO la tu..sgt jelesss

  3. haaaaa comeiii! and good choice watie, memang penting warranty tu.

  4. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pinky lappyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;-)


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