Friday, October 23, 2009

Q-dees @ Banting

Gosh! very tired this morning. I do the kids' preschool survey and send them for trial class. Since my helper-Dahlia go for her medical check, i take the opportunity to bring the kids to trial class at Q-dees.

Silly & lazy me coz when the first time we moved at Banting i didnt took the good steps to survey the best school for them. lg pun time tuh x tau Q-dees ada kat Banting. Time tuh dah x kisah coz yg pasti dekat ngan rumah n murah...almaklumlah..dah down grade gaji..hehehehehe. tuh yg end up last2 the kids asyik demam memanjang jer plus dapat KUTU.

Since skrg diaorg spend most of the time at home only.. tuh yg dah buat perangai.......jadi yer mmg wajib la hantar diaorg ke school tahun diaorg leh follow instruction and interact with the other ppl.

Slmt ada kawan bg tau ada Q-dees kat Banting n trus buka website n contact the principal. jadi hr nih gi survey alone n buat tour kat school. The kids diaorg participate with other kids in the classroom. So far im satisfied with the school's environments plus the school ada mini swimming pool. The students mostly is chinese n currently only got 2 malay .Luckly the principal is Malay. so in term of their snack x la risau la coz diaorg prepare HALAL foods. The number of students pun x byk.jd kurangla risky tuk penyakit jangkit berjangkit nih.

in location-wise, Q-dees jauhh sikit dr rumah but still nearby la..yg paling dekat is Smart Reader(SR) but the location of SR dekat ngan junction...punya jem nak hantar anak2 nanti. Kena ambik kisah gak since I will be their driver to sent and pick them.
Lg pun SR ramaii sgt student n byk Indian.

yg pasti, what i saw is i can save a few $$$ for their reading books n the fees since we got 10% for Ichlas's fees plus material hani yg last year pun elok lagik.

Based on the response of the teacher, the saw Hani & Ichlas is very excited to come to school. Sampai x mo balik tadi....

However, saja nak sejukkan hati....nanti saja nak bwk diaorg gi trial class at SR.minggu depan lah kot...

layan ja lah gambo budak 2 org yg dok tgh tido...budak2 yg bangun tghari. Tahun depan kena la bangun awai gi school.


  1. haaa nk pi skolah balik dah budak2 nih hehe

  2. hehe..pulun tido ek,..nanti dah sekolah takleh bangun lambat.

  3. SR biasanya rumah kedai..tapi ramai org suka antar kat SR ..why?

  4. RE:

    Tetty-SR mmg dah well known weih..Q-dees br nak week aku nak bwk Hani & Ichlas gi trial class dia


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