Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Luck my kids!

Hari nih kids will start their midterm exam at SR Banting. Their mid term starting today till 2nd June 2010. Yesterday time byr fees, sembang ngan their principal.....cakap la nervous la kids nak exam... Principal gelak..dunt worry.....its just assesment to see their performance. Yeah...i shud not worry about my kids... Time buat revision with Hani rasa yer ok kot... Ichlas lak dia x show apa2 but once dia buat well done....

Hani semlm tido awal. Siap sblm tido dah ajar dia sblm jawab soalan, jgn lupa bc Bismillah. Dia angguk n say I Love u mummy trus tido....

Td pagi diaorg bgn awal n follow mummy dtg school mummy n we had breakfast together. Only 3 of us. Daddy x dapat join coz ada meeting tadi( eh cancel ek meeting pg td daddy?). Hantar diaorg g school n wish GOOD LUCK!.. They said okey mummy...

So skrg kat office since now is exam week...i just wonder....apa la soalan yg kids jawab tuh??

x sabar jap lagi gi ambik diaorg t/hari nanti n tanya diaorg.... I know Hani masuk jer dlm keter she will story morry non stop.... BLISS.

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