Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to back training

Hari nih start back to back training. Training hari nih start n habis ahad nih. Training nih mmg terkejut tergempaq coz 2 hr sblm br tau kena attend. Dah la kat Sabak Bernam. Jauh maaaa. But still accept to attend coz ada beberapa reasons. Looking forward this training actually.

Then on monday lak training lagik till thurday. Training tuh bukan la jd participant but kali nih jd trainer/speaker. Alamak x prepare pun lagik. Kena prepare la kan coz mcm2 akan ditanya participant nanti.

Then yg best 18th nih my birthday but date tu jugak hari last training. Huhuhu. But alhamdulillah x mo mengeluh coz Allah SWT bagi rezeki. Nanti leh claim allowance frm HQ. cuma perasan selalu kalu ada matters mcm nuh dia mai serentak. Even actually date yg sama mr hubby suppose have to go outstation to jakarta for his office trip but he have to sacrifice to take care kids plus nak monitor hani yg exam pada masa yg sama. Guilty lak coz x leh help hani buat revision. But i know hani can do it.

So hoping 20-21 leh rest n spend time with loved ones.

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