Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am 1 year old!






Govt servant .

past 12 months is the wonderful months fulfilled with lots of sweet memories with the gegirls n more time i've spent with my family esp kids.

Thanks Allah i were attached in the the best ever department...Best buddies and best boss.

he is my rock!!!

Kecoh kan??? well alah jgn la jeles...coz i've got the full satisfaction over here. compare before this...:P

byk opportunity that i get..yg paling best dlm 1 tahun nih i attended Baking Cake Course. Even im the IT lecturer..dapat gak tambah skills in baking cakes. :P

Looking forward for many many years here..aminnnnnnn

p/s: pesan penaja kepada my old happy now!!! TOTALLY.. how about u? mesti hidup x best lagi kan???? kekekekeke


  1. gov nie mmg heppi manjang .. kak bila nak buat baking roti kelas lagie .. nak htr mak pegi ;-)

  2. i know who is ur old enemy..hehe..mata bulat ka? kekekke..

    anyway, tahniah dah setahun bekerja..pas ni up kan lagi prestasi..yeahh..

  3. congrats dear.. lepas nih SKT cemerlang la.. hehehehhe

  4. yeahh finally dah sthn.. teringat dulu masa2 mula2 ko nak joint.. akak juga ko cari.. good luck beb.. pas ni boleh susun next target.. hahaha aku dah nak masuk 7thn da :)


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