Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i'm back !!!

Hi girls,

I'm back!!! rindu ai tak?

Last 2 weeks back is the most busiest week for me.

Mmmm... where should i start?

Aha....25hb ari tuh dapat gaji for 2 1/2 months. Alhamdulillah but even dapat duit selepuk still kena jimat coz my salary kat cni is 40% lower from i gained at private's.

On 4th April cousin Mr Hubby from Sarawak datang kerja ngan kitaorg. Hani & Ichlas happy dapat dok umah. Alhamdulillah x ada dah drama nangis2 pagi hari.

Then last 5th till 8th April, aku g ke Batu Pahat kursus untuk pensyarah2 baru. penat sehhhh...N time tu lah Hani & Ichlas demam kat umah but alhamdulillah Mr. Hubby's cousin boleh handle diaorg.

Balik dr kursus, aku bawak la student2 from my Internet class ke Pikom PC Fair. N on Saturday kitaorg gi ke cameron follow college trip. Puas hati borong strawberi n sayur2.

N last tuesday bwk students for my math class ke Petrosains, KLCC.

n next week nak bercuti lagik...x sabar yer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks my Jiran!

Im sorry dear becoz im taking so long to thanks you.

Even now were are not longer as neighbour, by you still my 'jiran'.

Thanks dear for your lovely dinner set. Im really love it!

sorry Syana, until now im still didnt use your dinner set coz i dont have enough space at my kitchen. Skrg dok bertapa benda alah tuh dlm store. jgn mara aaaaaaaaa

Friday, April 3, 2009


After 3 weeks, meredah phase menangis, meraung n melalak si Ichlas & Hani, we decided to stop sending them to nursery.

Alhamdulillah rezeki my kids, hubby cousin's call PIL n tanya samada kitaorg dok cari org nak jaga our kids tak? Mmmg just in time her question..

Insyallah tomorrow, she will arrived with her brother.(Kebetulan her brother ada kursus at KL) n kebetulan on Sunday, i will be away to Johor til Wednesday. Big task for her to take care my kids. Just i need to teach her how to prepare my kids' meals.

Besides, Ichlas will berehat 1 month from his playschool. Only Hani HAVE TO GO. After 1 month at playschool, i still didnt see any progress of what they learn at playschool compared at Q-dees, hani able to count 1-10, recognized A -Z, 1-10 in mandarin. But just 1 month kan...still got time to monitor their learning progress.

Just... aku doakan sepupu Mr Hubby nih akan jaga anak2 aku elok2.

So Ichlas & more HOMESICK yer sayang!!!!

Mummy & Daddy luv both of you. Muassssssssssssssss!!!!!

Fast & Furious 4

Alamak rosak jugak program nak bwk our kids ke F1 coz mak kena gi kursus kat Batu Pahat.
Sian btul anak2 aku nih...

But i dah booked Fast & Furious 4 tuk show mlm nih.just 1 wonder coz dia F&F4 nih rate dia 18PL. boleh ker nak bwk Hani & Ichlas?

Actually byk citer nak citer kat korang n nak luahkan but im very disppointed with internet service over here(At college or house). ntah bila nak ada streamyx nih. siap sampai terbawak-bawak in my night's dream. sigh!

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